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UoY Gardening Society Blog: Growing Strong

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Patrick Thelwell is back with his monthly blog about the work of the University of York Gardening Society


February has been our busiest month yet in Gardening Society, and with our growing membership we now run two sessions a week on Tuesdays and Sundays.

As the cold weather has retreated, snowdrops and crocuses have bloomed, the first signs of a bright spring ahead. We have begun planting bulbs and sowing vegetables in the now cleared raised beds and have started the long process of making our own compost from all of the roots and weeds.

We have been hard at work clearing and preparing the entrance to the garden for a wild flower meadow to attract unsuspecting passers-by to innocently ask what we are doing. At this point they are trapped in our web, and rarely leave without being cajoled into buying membership.

Importantly, we now have our first proper plant: Roxanne the Rosemary bush, the centrepiece of our new herb garden. Long may she watch over the mint, thyme and sage.


Ahead of us lies the really exciting part: Spring brings warmer weather, and budding plants. Last week we spotted the first butterfly of the year, and we hope to welcome them to a bright rejuvenated home.

As always, pop along between 10-5 Tuesdays and 12-6 Sundays to Derwent Gardens, opposite Derwent Reception, and lend a hand for as long as you like!

Don’t forget to register to vote by the 12th April, and vote for the local candidates on May 2nd who you think care most about our planet.

Patrick Thelwell

President of UoY Gardening Society

You can follow UoY Gardening Society on Facebook here.

About the Author: Patrick Thelwell is currently studying second year Politics and International Relations at the University of York. He is also running for local Green Party councillor for Hull Road ward, York in May.

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