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About Us

Forest Path

Founded in 2018, Wild is a student-run online publication, targeted towards students but accessible to all! With a large base of volunteers (beginning in York), Wild is a multi-university organisation with contributors from across the UK. Led by a team of passionate volunteers, Wild communicates some of the big stuff in an accessible and friendly format, covering topics ranging from the ever-impending climate crisis, sustainable life swaps, to the latest wildlife and environment news. 


At Wild, we are proud to provide a platform for aspiring journalists and communicators, publishing content from a diverse and growing body of contributing writers. The magazine is completely dependent on the support of readers, volunteers and donations to cover our running and website costs. Attending annual events at the University of York, with plans to expand our outreach network, we recruit new members each year and are forever keen to hear from you.

- Disclaimer -

Opinions, views and thoughts expressed in our articles belong solely to the author and not necessarily to Wild Magazine. Publication in our magazine does not indicate endorsement. We are not affiliated with any particular group or political organisation.

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