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UoY Gardening Society Blog: Laying the Roots

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Patrick from the University of York Gardening Society introduces his monthly blog, as the new society takes root…


Our team, clearly hard at work

Welcome to the University of York Gardening Society blog! This will be a monthly update on all the work our team are doing in Derwent Provost Gardens to turn the area into a thriving new green space on campus.

First, I’d like to introduce the committee. I’m Patrick; President, co-founder and the rambling mess that pretends to know what we are doing. I’m supported by Cameron, our Secretary, co-founder and the brains behind this operation. Eleanor is our ever-rational, ever-sassy, bobble-hat-wearing Vice President that makes sure rooms get booked and gardens are measured. Ella is our Social Media Coordinator and the genius making us look like actual functioning people on the internet. Lucy, our Treasurer and resident vegan, is in charge of wearing cool jumpers, managing our offshore tax havens and “being an absolute legend”. Last but not least, is our mascot, the plucky and ruthless-to-worms Ripper the Robin.

This term has been an amazing time for all of us on the Gardening Soc committee, as we have witnessed the birth and first shaky steps of our baby. We have grown into our new space (haha) and taken up with determination the massive project ahead of us.


Our mascot, Ripper the Robin

In Week 4 we hosted our first indoor event: a very successful ‘paint-a-pot-with-gardening-soc’ (props to Ella for some excellent iambic pentameter there). This involved painting and taking home little clay pots with a succulent in, and we have been literally begged to hold the event every month!

The spades and forks are out, the ground is being dug and raked, the weeds are being cleared, ready for a spring of planting and a year of hard work to create an area bursting with colour and British wildlife. For anyone in York, we are in the Derwent Gardens, opposite Derwent Reception every Tuesday from 10am to 5pm. Follow our Facebook page for info and events: UoYGardening Soc.

This is going to be a wild ride, and I look forward to taking you all on this journey with us!

All the best,

Patick Thelwell

President of UoY Gardening Society

Author Information: Patrick Thelwell is currently studying second year Politics and International Relations at the University of York. He is also running for local Green Party councillor for Hull Road ward, York in May. 

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