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Student Sustainability Reviews: Face Halo

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Matilda returns with her second article of the Student Sustainability Reviews series. This time she’s trying out the Face Halo, the zero waste make-up remover you’ve been waiting for.

As someone who enjoys wearing and experimenting with makeup I get through a fair few removals. After using reusable pads to remove my makeup for around six months, I was still concerned by the single-use plastic my micellar water unavoidably came in. I have since discovered my face halo and haven’t looked back. 

Face Halo is a reusable pad designed to remove your make up with just water. I picked up mine from boots for £7. My first thoughts were it was a little pricey, but the blurb told me I’d get 200 makeup removals out of it using just water and I was sold. I was still a little sceptical: if this product was as good as it claimed, why wasn’t everybody using it?

This is my Face Halo

How does it work?

As the site describes,

According to Halo, around 730 wipes are used by the average make-up user every year! In addition, it takes around 100 years for a make up wipe to decompose. The face halo replaces this damaging plastic pollution and is recyclable after it’s run its course!

See how it works!

Washing your halo

I just use soap and warm water to clean my halo, but it can also be popped in with your wash- just don’t use fabric softener as this can damage the fibres.

How do they compare to reusable make up pads?

I personally much prefer my face halo to other alternatives. I can wash it within 10 seconds after every use, it doesn’t become stained and is much gentler on my skin.

You can buy your face halo from Boots, Holland and Barrett, Beauty Bay and their site! Similar products are available in zero waste shops and online but it’s great to see sustainable products like this in major health beauty retailers like Boots too!

About the Author: Matilda Martin studies an MA in Global Literature and Culture. Matilda has been writing about the environment for a few years and loves sharing her sustainable tips with readers.

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