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The Importance of Being Grounded

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

You may think that this is all hippy ‘rubbish’, but oh how you are wrong! Grounding, by immersing yourself in nature is so important for your health and wellbeing!


Logically, it makes sense as humans originally (since the beginning of our being!) lived and worked outside, therefore sustaining strong connections with nature; the land, animals, seasons, weather. They all significantly factored into our existence, timing when certain foods were available for our diets, whether more fuel was needed for a change of weather, it was living in balance with our environment.

Unfortunately, currently with fast paced living and built up, man made surroundings it can be difficult to feel connected to our roots. Fast paced lifestyles can be stress and anxiety ridden with the feeling of being lost, therefore grounding and the associated connection to the earth is so important for us as individuals.

Grounding consists of going into nature, preferably a quiet area and preferably with bare feet and just being. Just feeling the grass between your toes and the breeze on your face is invigorating, liberating, relaxing and clarity inducing. Whether you just stand still or sit on the ground, close your eyes and pay attention to your senses. What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you feel? It is so important to meditate on your natural surroundings and slip into a moment of serenity, forgetting about your worries and stresses (they are not allowed to come with you to your quiet place, remember to leave them behind).

Sometimes it can be difficult to fully clear your mind and immerse your senses into your natural surroundings, if this is the case it can be helpful to envisage roots connecting your feet to the ground, or that you are inhaling white, liquid light (representing energy). Focusing on something that is calming really helps to create mental clarity.


Photo Credit: Lily Abel

My favourite place to go to feel grounded and re-connected is the woods which I am fortunate to live near. The immersion in the colour green is calming and the over grown nature of the woods makes it feel secure and protective. If you live in a city, a park will do, perhaps play some natural sounds through head phones to help you block out the hustle and bustle.

Grounding also helps create positivity. The calmness it instils encourages you to focus on positive aspects of your life. I find it feeds my inspiration, I have a renewed energy to go and achieve my goals, even if it’s just the goals set for a day.

So, if you haven’t been out in nature today, get yourself outside (layer up if it’s cold and wear a waterproof if it’s raining/find a sheltered place). It is far more beneficial to go alone, but you could bring a friend and sit apart. I can’t stress enough how beneficial this is, nature always heals and it's magical being transported back to your roots.

About the Author: Lily Abel is currently studying History at the University of York. Alongside this she maintains The Infinite Balance, covering topics such as veganism and environmentalism and can also be found on Instagram.

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