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The Bishy Weigh: Zero Waste York

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

For many of us, making more of an effort to live a greener lifestyle and take progressive steps to reduce our impact is daunting. A new store soon to be opening in York, The Bishy Weigh, was born through a desire to make those changes, to give consumers in York the choice to say no to plastic. Founder, Alice (currently running White Rose Bakes) sought inspiration through discussing zero waste stores on a beach clean she attended in Bridlington.


Beach Clean up in Bridlington

The Bishy Weigh, best described as an ‘eco pantry’, will sell food products unpackaged and encourage consumers to bring their own containers/jars to act as vessels for the loose produce available. Plastic free produce bags, tins and jars will also be sold in a bid to prevent consumers requiring single use plastic bags.

Part of York’s wider network of greener living, The Bishy Weigh will be using independent suppliers and Yorkshire based producers. Local groups such as I am Reusable, Zero Waste York and St Nicks are also working with The Bishy Weigh to expand on new initiatives within the city.

The Bishy Weigh understands the difficulty in making conscious choices to address our individual plastic use. The store will be a supportive space to engage in these conversations about steps that fit into consumers own routines.

Food produce offered will include many student staples such as cereals, pasta, rice, dried beans, pulses, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, baking ingredients, loose-leaf teas, coffee, cooking oils and syrups. There will also be gluten free products to tailor to the needs of gluten free consumers also keen on reducing their plastic use. Not only food produce, but household essentials like washing up liquid and cleaning materials will be sold in a way that allows consumers to fill containers to their own requirements.


Alice at the Zero Waste York Meet, October 20th

Plastic-free personal care and greener lifestyle products are also on the agenda for The Bishy Weigh. A crowdfunding campaign run on IndieGoGo is being used to kickstart the funding for these potential ideas.  There are incredible perks available for those who decide to support crowdfunding. Including in-store discount cards, packaging-free shopping kits and cake perks. White Roses Bakes will supply their best-selling sea-salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread and bespoke cake and dessert table options for 40-250 guests.


Alice and Sir David Attenborough, before White Rose Bakes started

The Bishy Weigh is keen to appeal to students, and right by the 66 student bus stop on Nunnery Lane, it is ideal. It will allow people to shop for small amounts to reduce waste and cater for smaller budgets and kitchens. Everything stocked is vegetarian and will cover basic needs.

Their ethos is clear, to offer plenty of helpful options for residents of York to reduce their plastic footprint for good. After construction is complete, The Bishy Weigh hopes to open for business late November/December.

Image Credits: Alice, White Rose Bakes

About the Author: Megan Tarbuck is Lifestyle Editor for Wild and currently studying Human Geography and the Environment at the University of York.

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