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Rise and Shine Living: Eco-friendly living

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Rise and Shine Living, a new eco-friendly living store has opened in York, following its success in North Devon. A family run business at the opposite ends of the country, on a mission to help sustainable living become more accessible to everyone. WILD spoke to the York Rise and Shine Living store and they answered our questions here:


Rise and Shine Living storefront in York

What inspired you to found an eco-friendly living store?

We realised that a change in lifestyle and living sustainably is the key to a better planet, we wanted to show that making these changes, even the small ones, can go a long way.

What is your vision for the future regarding spreading the sustainability message?

We will continue to bring in more sustainable living products and will continue to use the world of social media and word of mouth that sustainable living is key. We want to convey that if we don’t make a change soon then it will be the younger generations that suffer. We will continue getting the message out on just how important living sustainably is.

How could your shop be beneficial to students or young people in York?

We pride ourselves on supporting independent businesses and having products that help people live more sustainably. If we can help get this message to younger people and students, then that’s a great way to start. It would also be great for younger people and students to continue to shop local, supporting independent businesses and relay this importance to others.

What are your top eco-friendly life tips?

1. Shop Local

2. Reduce single use plastic

3. Carry own reusable water bottle/coffee cups

4. Use reusable straws or paper straws

5. Carry a reusable bag

6. Visit refill stations such as ourselves.

Do you think eco-friendly brands are set to become the norm?

We would like to think so, for the sake of our future.


Inside the York store

Anything else you’d like us to know about you or your company?

We are not only a shop that helps people live more sustainably, but we are family run and want to show that independent businesses/shopping local can be a great choice and can offer something different.

Rise and Shine Living stock a wide range of products from sustainable and eco-friendly brands. They sell houseware, gifts, health and beauty, plastic free and feature British brands. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram (@riseandshinelivingyork) and online here. 

The York store is open every day and can be found at 44 Fossgate, York.

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