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Giki’s 8 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Giki shares their 8 top tips for a sustainable Christmas with Wild Magazine. The festive season is upon us, one of the most wasteful times of the year it’s important to try and limit our impact and remember to be sustainable where we can! From the presents we buy, how we wrap them and to the food on the big day, we can all make sustainable decisions. Here are some great tips to follow this Christmas!

1. Avoid unsustainable palm oil

Palm oil is used in mince pies, Christmas pudding, chocolates, gravy and lots more Christmas goodies. If it is not produced sustainably, it can cause deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, which is threatening species such as orangutans, tigers and rhinos. But it’s possible to find sustainable or palm free options. Just check what you buy on the Giki app.

Picture a

Palm oil is even used in mince pies!

2. Try organic food

The great thing about Christmas is that we cook so much from scratch and therefore, have more choice over our ingredients. Although organic can be more expensive, a little planning to maximise leftovers can help reduce costs. Organic farming is significantly better for biodiversity, because no artificial chemicals are used and this means more insects and wildlife. It is also much better for soil health. You can get organic fruit, vegetables and meat in the supermarket or via deliveries like Riverford and Abel and Cole.

Picture b

Buy organic this Christmas!

3. Cut down on waste

This is great for the wallet and the environment. Food waste is responsible for up to 3% of our total environmental impact, or 16% of our food footprint. So planning can help, and if you are still stuck with too many leftovers, put them on Olio. It’s a great way to make sure your food doesn’t go to waste, because plenty of other people might be keen to have it.

(Giki analysis based on average UK diet with high levels of waste.)

4. Streamline your food packaging

Wherever you can, buy food with better packaging, which you can recycle. You can check this on Giki, just scan and look for the green Better Packaging badge. No packaging is usually best, but often very hard to find. Recyclable packaging, as minimal as possible comes next. Both these options will help reduce waste to landfill.

Picture c

Reduce packaging wherever you can

5. Get arty with your wrapping paper

When it comes to wrapping paper, it can be a minefield. Much of it is not recyclable and we throw away over 100 million rolls every Christmas! So if you have an artistic streak, or kids who do, why not wrap in plain brown FSC paper (this hasn’t usually been bleached) and decorate it with your own picture. All the extras of ribbons and bows, tend to go straight to landfill and not buying them saves money.

Picture d

Keep your wrapping simple

6. Go for a family secret santa

If you have a large group on Christmas day, this is a great way for adults or kids to give and receive one special present, rather than loads that can feel overwhelming. It also helps cut back on the £2 billion worth of unwanted Christmas presents every year! It is even rumoured that the Royal Family enjoy a secret santa!

Picture e

Keep Christmas presents special and don’t over buy

7. Give the gift of an experience

Instead of stuff, why not take someone out or give your time or expertise. Offer your amazing babysitting skills to a friend or family member with young children; it might be their favourite present yet! Or adopt them an animal from WWF or other charities.

Picture f

Making memories can be the best present

8. Keep your feet on the ground

Flying significantly increases your carbon footprint. A shorthand flight emits the same amount of climate change gases as a regular diet for 3 whole months. Flying economy class to Cape Town, or the Dominican Republic emits over 3 tonnes of climate change gases and that is the same amount emitted by felling 4 acres of rainforest. A lower carbon option is to enjoy our UK Christmas traditions, or try the train to Europe.

With over ⅔ of Brits now thinking about buying a present that has a positive social or environmental focus this year. 2019 is definitely a year of environmental awakening.

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