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Ethical Fashion: York’s International Development Society

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

York’s International Development Society and University of York’s Anti Trafficking Society (YATS) held their ‘Ethical Fashion Show’ on the 7th of February showcasing different ethical ideas/brands and YATS ethical clothes swap. A few members from York’s International Development Society gave their thoughts on ‘ethical fashion’ and a roundup of the brands showcased.

fashion 1

YATS Clothes Swap

“The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world and yet our choices as consumers seem to go unnoticed despite the astounding exploitation involved in the production of our clothes. Through the fashion show we hoped to raise awareness of the human cost of fashion whilst showcasing the potential of re-used and ethically sourced clothing.” – Miranda

“The conditions that others go through to make our clothes isn’t fair at all. We think so little about the clothes we buy and throw away without knowing what has gone into their production. Through the fashion show we hoped that we can show students that buying ethically is cheap and easy, and you’re probably already doing it to some degree!”- Lucy

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YATS Clothes Swap

“Fashion is an amazing form of self-expression, however the price we are paying for it is too high. Through the ethical fashion show, we wanted to raise awareness of this cost, by showing that the industry as it currently stands, is having seriously negative impacts on people and the planet. In addition, we wanted to show that there are easily accessible and affordable alternatives to fast fashion.” – Veda

Summary of brands:

1. Expressions At expressions, next to the Picadilly bus stop in York, you can buy individual pieces for less.

2. Vintage vera are a kilo sale shop where you can buy lots of ethical garments for less, making it very viable to shop ethically rather than to shop at other fast fashion brands. They hold vintage sales in York.

3. The clothes swap clothes showcased a similar idea to the kilo shop idea.

4. MiaSylvia is an independent designer who creates her own eco textiles, and also specialises in ethical bridal wear to show that all occasions can be made ethical.

5. SolidariTee is a unique student led movement, which was created to raise funds for legal representation for refugees in Greece. They raise this by designing and selling t-shirts with loads of different unisex designs, it’s easy to find a style that would suit you whilst helping others through this valuable cause.

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About the Author: This article was written in collaboration with York’s International Development Society

Image Credit: WILD Magazine

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