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Echologika: Tackling the Binbag

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

At last an alternative to a rubbish situation! Echologika, producing sustainable and practical alternatives to the bin liner and bin. An article on how a passion for sustainability can lead to making a difference. 


Looking out of the window of the No 47 bus every morning on his London daily commute Colin was struck by how inefficient it was to use our valuable finite resources to make plastic bags which were then simply discarded like, well rubbish. Thrown away? Away where exactly?

As for the metal bins that house the bags, they seem to have slipped under the eco radar, vast amounts of resource and energy go into the shiny container sitting expensively in the corner of most kitchens.


OneBin is delivered as a flat pack

Wrestling with an unwieldly black plastic bin bag which had unhelpfully split again for the umpteenth time (the struggle is real folks), Colin decided to tackle the deceptively hard task of creating a viable alternative. Echologika was born.

Our sustainable products, made from renewable resources are new, unique, plastic free & biodegradable. Our OneBin offers an alternative to the traditional stainless-steel bin and plastic liner, a breath of fresh air in an arena where there are few viable alternatives. Origami newspaper anyone?

one bin.jpg

One OneBin can last the average household up to 11 days. In high density areas, we believe that OneBin would make a noticeable improvement to the street scene. OneBins are tough leaving them less vulnerable than binbags to investigation by local foxes or seagulls which might take a passing fancy to last night’s takeaway!

Compost-a-box is ideal for any general food waste, negating the need for messy (often plastic & the subject of hot debate regarding ‘biodegradability labelling) bags & caddies. No garden required.


Living up to its name though, under suitable conditions & when filled with compostable food waste, the entire Compost-a-box will biodegrade & naturally produce compost. Through encouraging composting, Compost-a-box aims to reduce food miles and associated CO2. It’s perfect if you have access to even a small patch of outside space or (swoon) a communal vegetable patch or share of an allotment.

In the wave of anti-plastic publicity and easy eco swaps it seems that the not so humble binbag has been left out in the cold. We want to change that and to offer products which through widespread adoption make a tangible difference. Please see our website for specific targets.

Our mission is to help conserve our finite natural resources, to promote more efficient energy harvesting from landfill, to help reduce plastics entering our food chain and to make better use of the time consumed by current waste management regimes.


We want to make a difference, cut to the chase we all need to make a positive difference to preserve our planet's precious resources.

We look forward to the day when all packaging is biodegradable, but we are not there yet. As such we still need something to contain waste but why use even more plastic? We have all seen the alarming figures regarding plastic pollution and frankly when you’ve made the easy swaps and bought the bamboo toothbrush, well what next? More needs to be done to make a difference.

We are pioneering and thinking both outside and inside of the box. We would love your support along the way. Check out the home page of our website to sign up for free product samples, coming Spring 2019. We’d love your feedback!

About the Author:  Echologika founded by Colin Wells and Sarah Millard are a UK start up based on the South Coast.

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