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A Student Guide to Ethical Cafes in Winchester

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Where to get your caffeine fix without killing the planet (or you wallet) in the historic city of Winchester, Hampshire. 

So you’re in Winchester, home of King Alfred, a cathedral with the longest nave in Europe, and – more importantly – a seemingly never-ending revolving door of new cafes. You want to enjoy some quality coffee, perhaps even a cake or two, without simultaneously driving the planet closer to fossil-fuelled destruction. I get it. We’ve all been there. And ideally you don’t want to spend your entire student loan on furthering your eco mission. So where should you head first for your environmental cafe crawl?

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The standout winner for the safest all-round eco option. The best (and indeed, only) cafe in Winchester devoted to healthy vegetarian and vegan food and drink, Rawberry specialises in homemade health smoothies.

Located conveniently close to the secondhand Oxfam Books & Music shop on the corner of Parchment Street, the adventurous caffeine addict can try charcoal lattes or if you’re particularly brave, ditch the coffee and go for a wheatgrass shot.

At £3.50 for a small smoothie it’s not the cheapest option on the high street but it won’t break the bank, and for students it’s got a good number of tables and space to study in.


If you haven’t discovered the wonder that is the Flat White’s van opposite Pret, are you even a Winchester resident? These guys do amazing coffee including vegan options, using locally sourced ingredients and tea supplied by the local Char tea shop. They also offer a discount if you bring your own reusable flask.


Photos taken from Flat Whites’ FB page


You’re probably realising by now that ‘Winchester’ and ‘cheap’ aren’t two concepts that go well together. Your best bet is to get your money’s worth by making sure you’re getting the best quality from independent cafes with locally-sourced ingredients.


Admit it, you want one

I’ve put Bridge Patisserie on the list almost entirely because they just made a really cool reusable flask with a Winchester design but it’s also a lovely place to study. They source their tea from Char, coffee from Mozzo (a company which powers its coffee machines using renewable energy) and ice cream from the New Forest. Its French inspiration means you can finally fulfil your dream of sipping a chai latte and nibbling a delicate tarte au citron while watching the world pass by like the lead of an independent Parisian short film. At last.


The one to go to if you want to impress a date or friends visiting for the day. Too pricey for everyday visits but great for a treat, this hot chocolate specialist cafe uses ingredients sourced from their Dorset home and has a range of alternative milks and is vegan-friendly. They’re committed to transparent supply chains and have won a considerable array of prizes so they must be doing something right.

They also give you a free chocolate to try with every drink you get and have a loyalty card so make sure you get your money’s worth here.


The Guildhall cafe isn’t the most obvious place to head for students but as far as places to study in go it’s pretty perfect. Giant tables, plenty of space, free wifi and sofa seats make it a great working environment if you head there on a quiet afternoon.

It’s on the ethical list because the ingredients are – you guessed it – locally sourced. Coffee from the Winchester Coffee Roasters, cakes from the nearby village of Fair Oak, and ice cream from the New Forest. If you’re a Hampshire fan then it doesn’t get more local than this. With prices for coffee starting at, it won’t leave you destitute either.

Have we missed any sustainable cafes that deserve a mention on this list? Let us know in the comments! 

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