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A Q&A With Rarify: The Newest Vintage Clothes Shop You Need to Check Out

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

One-off pieces for one-off people: A Q&A with Lucy Goodstadt, the founder of up-and-coming vintage clothes shop Rarify.

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Describe your business in 2-3 lines?

Rarify is an up and coming vintage online clothes shop, specialising in oversized and wacky shirts. Based in York, we sell a selection of vintage clothes on our etsy store that are hand picked locally.

What inspired you to start Rarify?

Rarify began from the love of finding one-of-a-kind vintage items, and then giving them life again. I really feel there is such a gap in the fashion market for clothes for women that are bold, comfortable and long lasting; I wanted Rarify to fill this gap.

Where do you source the vintage clothes?

All the clothes are sourced and picked one by one by hand. This ensures they are of great quality, it also means they are mostly sourced within York.

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Did you consider the environmental impact of businesses like Rarify that upcycle / re-sell vintage clothes?

Yes – buying second hand has such a positive effect on the environment! I really believe Rarify is part of a much bigger movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Why shop new, when there is so much fashion from the past waiting to be re-worked and re-loved?!

How would students benefit from shopping from Rarify?

All items are ideal student wear.

We only select great quality clothes meaning they are sure to last long term. The combination of style and comfort in the shirts also means they can work for the two key  university looks; the club and the library! Just dress them up or down accordingly.

At Rarify we keep things as low cost-wise as possible: on our site you will find nothing above £20 and we plan to keep it this way. By paying for a item that is durable and comfortable, you will not just be able to benefit the environment but you will be able to save pennies in the long run! Also, buying one-of-a-kind pieces ensures no one has your look, we’ve all had the case of buying a new shirt only to see it on 10 other students on campus. Our customers love that each piece is so original and essentially only theirs!

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What are your plans for the future?

We plan to keep on expanding; More clothes, more wacky shirts and more happy customers. A big restock will be happening in a few weeks time where more exciting vintage items will be added to the store which will definitely be worth checking out! We are also looking to work with some sustainable or vintage fashion influencers, so if you know anyone who would be ideal, who fancies getting their hands on some Rarify stock then please get in touch!

Check out our Instagram:

In celebration of the weather and beginning of summer 2018, we are currently in the midst of a beach ball give away.

Simply message the words ‘BEACH BALL’ through Etsy messenger with your order to receive a large inflatable beach ball with your purchase. Beach ball’s are limited so shop ASAP to ensure not miss out on the best summer accessory!

Browse Rarify’s online Etsy shop here. Know of any other cool online vintage shops? Let us know in the comments!

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