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5 Tips for Veganuary

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Thinking about trying a vegan diet? Or maybe just fancy challenging yourself this January? Read our top tips for getting the best out of Veganuary… you never know, you may even decide to stick to it!

Be organised

Make sure you plan your meals. There’s no expectation to have everything all planned out, but knowing what you’re going to cook at the end of the day will be beneficial as you don’t want to get bored of tomato soup because you haven’t left time for a soya mince cottage pie! Have a little look at my first ‘vegan challenge’ attempt (read all about my mistakes, so you don’t have to make them too!)

There are plenty of vegan recipes on WILD to give a go, and we’d love it if you shared your creations with us!

Do your research

Discover WHY you want to take part in Veganuary. Whether it’s for your own health, or for the good of the planet, having an aim in mind will help keep you motivated and focused if you’re tempted by something non-vegan. We have lots of articles on why people might opt for a plant-based diet, be sure to check them out if you need a little motivation!

Remove temptation

Fill your cupboards with plant-based snacks. If you get hungry during the day, and all you have in is vegan food, there’s no way you’re going to slip up. Taking away any temptations for the month will make it so much easier to keep on track, and you can definitely say you’ve earned them by the end of it all.


Follow vegan blogs and social media sites

Having some daily inspiration can be a great help when you’re getting started. It’s helpful to see the potential of some of your vegan meals, as well as being encouraged by the success of others on a vegan diet.

Forgive yourself

Everybody slips up every now and again, and taking on a new diet that cuts out all meat and dairy all of a sudden is very tricky! Why not try just one vegan day a week at first? Start by swapping out your meat with plant-based alternatives and take it from there. Simply making one out of seven days of the week vegan-friendly will massively impact your animal-product consumption, and there’s no need to feel guilty for the days you don’t follow the diet, as every swap and change you make is a great step-forward!


You can sign up to take the pledge for Veganuary 2019 for free!

Make sure you’re following @wild_magazine_uk on Instagram for daily Veganuary check-ins and recipe ideas!

About the Author: Emily Ellerby-Hunt is our Food and Drink Editor and studies Theatre at the University of York.

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