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12 Days of Wild: Five Gifts Any Wildlife-Enthusiast Will Love

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Madelaine Stannard shares five perfect gifts for the wildlife lovers in your life this Christmas.

If you’re panic-buying for your loved ones right now, we get it. More importantly, we’ve got you. You can stop trawling the high streets, and close your online shopping tabs. For Wild’s last 12 Days of Wild feature, we’re sharing five perfect presents you can give this year.

There’s nothing like turning the pages of a glossy magazine, curled up in front of the fire. BBC Wildlife has been around since 1963, with factual, accurate and engaging issues monthly. Recent features delve into a wealth of topics, including eco-tourism in Antarctica, ten insects most deadly to humans, and tracking lynx and wolverine in Montana. A BBC Wildlife subscription is a thoughtful gift for anyone with a passion for the planet, and a keen eye for stunning photo-journalism. For £34.99, your loved one can receive thirteen issues delivered through their door, and a whole year of learning.

Have you ever wanted to save animals simply by putting on a pair of socks? Bare Kind creates sustainable socks using bamboo, sourced responsibly from China. Moreover, 10% of all profits from each pair sold goes to one of twenty-five wildlife charities around the world, working to support and conserve the very animals you can find on the socks. Founded in 2018, Bare Kind is now stocked in five-hundred stores worldwide, and works with charities such as the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Scottish Seabird Centre.

What will be under their tree this Christmas? Once you’ve bought the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves all things wild, see our recent article on how to wrap sustainably. 

Image Credit: Monicore, Pixabay.

Once the festive season is over, the start of a new year is the perfect time to change up your space and make it a haven. These gorgeous prints from Big Wild Thought (all £10 each), featuring a range of charismatic and iconic species, are a sure way to personalise any room, and are a thoughtful gift for a loved one. From foxes to rhinos, sloths to zebra, gifting a print doesn’t just benefit the recipient - 10% of profits from each sale also go to an associated charity.

This could be the perfect place for a gorgeous new print by Big Wild Thought. Image Credit: Anna Nekrashevich, Pexels.

From the mind of Megan McCubbin, broadcaster, zoologist and author, this delightful book explores the lives of countless species facing extinction, and what can be done to save them. The volume reveals tales of conservationists, rangers and other incredible figures working to stop extinction in its tracks, making it a gift filled with hope for anyone interested in preserving our beautiful planet and its inhabitants. 

Loved Before was the first eco-friendly and fully-sustainable soft toy adoption agency. That’s right - if you were inspired by our articles during Oxfam’s Secondhand September (such as this piece about the power of second-hand shopping), you can give someone special a new friend this Christmas, while sticking to responsible consumerism. If you have the perfect cuddly toy in mind, you can even shop ‘by species’ to find just what you’re looking for. At affordable prices, with new releases every Monday at 8 pm, Loved Before is the perfect place, with a sustainable ethos, to source a furry friend for children and adults alike.

About the Author: Madelaine Stannard is based in Sheffield, studying a Bsc in Zoology with a keen interest in animal behaviour, endangered species recovery and science communication. You can find her on Instagram @madelainestannardwild for wildlife photography and sci-comms, or on her website Maddie Stannard Wild.

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