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A Guide to Sustainable Sex

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In honour of Valentine’s Day, Antonia Devereux introduces some products and brands you can use to make your sex life more sustainable.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I thought it was high time we included some representation of one thing students talk (or at least think) about more than anything else… their studies? Alas no, their sex life. When I think about sustainable sex products, my mind goes to Bridget Jones, forget the ice cream and singing ‘All By Myself’, this the truly iconic moment,

Shazzer : Oh, God! You didn’t use those? The vegan condoms?

Bridget : “Biodegradable and dolphin-friendly.” If I’m going to be slutty, it’s nice to think I’m helping the environment.

If you ignore the fact that the whole movie revolves around her getting pregnant, the message remains true, if we can make our sex lives more sustainable then why aren’t we? Despite what you might think, they are just as effective as regular products, and the market is constantly growing with more choices every year! From vegan condoms to sustainable lingerie, impress your eco conscious partner/s with a greener approach to intimacy.

Hanx – Condoms, Lube, Libido, Sexual Health

Hanx is a sexual wellness company that promotes sustainability and responsibility. You can buy everything from vegan and cruelty free condoms, to lube and treatments for a range of vaginal infections. All of their condoms are made from latex sourced responsibly, produced in safe conditions, with fair wages, using natural rubber. Their lube is water based and pH balanced to protect you, and is safe to use alongside condoms unliked oil based alternatives. Their newest product is a libido lift for women, a peach flavoured powder to add to any drink either 2 hours before sex or as part of your daily routine.

One of the best things about Hanx, and what you’ll notice as a common theme throughout this article, is that it aims to take the shame away from buying sexual health products and provides information to those who need it on a wide variety of sexual topics. Hanx’s blog, Naked Truths, provides a safe space for a range of topics from relationships, sexual wellness, and pleasure.

Price range condoms:

- £4.99 (3 pack)

- £12.99 (10 pack)

- £32.99 (30 pack)

- £50 (50 pack)

Roam – Condoms, Lube, Devices

Roam is another sexual wellness company offering vegan, natural, recyclable, and ph-balanced products – a long list. Their range of lube spans from intimate oils to front and back gel or silk lubricants, with something to suit everyone. Roam’s condoms come in sizes slim, regular, and large, with easy open paper-foil. As well as condoms and lube, Roam also has a small range of vibrators available for a range of needs and wants.

Price range for condoms:

- £15 (12 pack)

- £20 (18 pack)

- £36 (35 pack)

*20% off with subscribe and save

Gaia – Biodegradable Vibrator

If you are a fan of a bullet vibrator then this one’s for you and it was the first ever biodegradable vibrator on the market! It’s made from bioplastic, which is plastic that is made from renewable sources, in this case starch, so when you’re done it can be recycled if you take it down to your local centre. It’s multi-speed with a whole range of functions, body safe (obvs) and waterproof! Plus it’s a steal at £15 – happy days for you, your pocket and the planet. You can check it out here.

Made by Sunday – Intimate Care

If you shave your intimate areas, you’ll know it requires a little more skill than, say, the legs. We don’t all have time to do it perfectly, and often we rush the process. Bumps and irritation are hard to avoid, but luckily for you, I have found a marvellous solution. MadebySUNDAY provides vegan, sustainable skincare products. They’ve got all your basics, spot cream, cleansers, moisturiser, you know it, but they also have a little duo that you must try. Made By Sunday’s ‘bare all’ set is a combination of their ‘all about the fur’ intimate balm, a moisturiser specially for your intimate section, and ‘gold digger’, an easy on the eyes ingrown hair treatment. It is super light, dries instantly and for my case at least, works very well. If you love keeping it pretty down there, this iconic due is your new bestie.

Credit: Antonia Devereux, MadeBySUNDAY products.

This is the first intimate skincare product I’ve tried and I 100% recommend, but of course there are tons of alternatives out there. Using these products is so much safer for you than your basic moisturiser which often contains fragrances and chemicals, but remember these products are for your skin and nothing else!

Sustainable Underwear

Who says you can’t look sexy sustainably? The lingerie market is constantly growing, and luckily that means the sustainable section is too! Whether you want full blown sex appeal or comfy lounging around the house vibes, there is something out there for everyone. A lot of these sustainable brands can be mega expensive, but here’s some of my favourites which won’t break the bank…

Alexander Clementine

Fancy something comfy? This is the brand for you! Alexander Clementine’s products are made from Icelandic seaweed and Austrian eucalyptus, both of which are renewable resources, creating utterly soft, sustainable underwear, boxers, and scrunchies. Seaweed has natural antibacterial, anti odour, and temperature regulating properties, so it’s good for you as well as the planet. I bought their AC x AW set last year and have loved it ever since.

Brighton Lace

The prettiest underwear I ever saw, Brighton Lace provides eco-friendly underwear using a range of practices including vegan lace, dyes, organic cotton, and hand dyed linen. Made in the UK, their underwear supports the local economy and community. Your order will arrive in plastic free packaging too of course!

Stripe and Stare

Stripe and Stare offer an amazing range of women’s and unisex boxers. Each product is made with TENCEL, a sustainable fabric made of wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. Its natural and soft texture will feel lovely on your skin! Additionally, their underwear is 95% biodegradable, so at the end of their life you can put them in the compost once rather than throwing them out.

This is just a drop in the ocean on how you can make your sex life more sustainable, and there are so many amazing brands out there just waiting for you to find them. I hope this quick run through provided a good head start! Whether it’s vegan condoms or biodegradable vibrators, enjoy some safe, happy sex.

About the Author: Antonia Devereux is Wild Magazine’s Managing Editor, and a final year Environment, Economics, and Ecology student at the University of York. Luckily as top dog she can’t get fired for this post, she doesn’t think…

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